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What is Air Freight? & What Are Its Business Benefits

Optimizing loads to save time and money is a top priority in transportation logistics. But what happens when a company has less than a whole truckload of goods to ship? The cost-effective and time-saving option of LTL freight provides less than truckload shipments. It is common practice to load several consignments into a single vehicle when transporting LTL freight loads. LTL shipments can weigh anywhere from 150 to 10,000 pounds and are transported using pallets.

Freight shipping companies focusing on less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments are experts at efficiently transporting products for multiple shippers. LTL shipping is popular among shippers because it offers several benefits: adaptability, economy, and sustainability. But sometimes, LTL trucking can get complicated. This post will examine why and how you should consolidate LTL freight shipments. However, before we get into it, let’s take a quick look at how LTL freight transportation operates.

What is Air Freight?

When goods shipments are moved from one location to another by a scheduled or chartered air carrier, this mode of transportation is referred to as “air freight logistics.” Many companies choose to transport their items by airplane since this method ensures that their products will arrive safely at any destination where they may land. If you need your item to arrive at its destination as soon as possible, air shipping is a good option because it may get there swiftly.

Air freight makes it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to compete efficiently in international markets alongside their more prominent counterparts. In addition, transporting goods by air carrier, which takes additional efforts to protect them from being stolen, is among the most secure methods.

What Different Kinds of Air Freight?

There are three categories of air freight, which are as follows:

1. Cargo Aircraft

Cargo planes specialize in carrying cargo. Their main function is to transport things from one location to another. Cargo planes don’t take people anywhere. Aircraft of this type can be found in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Cargo planes can carry anything and everything. It’s possible to ship everything from tiny pharmaceutical bottles to massive machinery. In addition, cargo flights can carry dangerous goods that passenger jets cannot. A lot fewer people would be hurt in the event of an explosion if there were no passengers.

2. Commercial Planes

You can take journeys on airplanes called commercial planes. Cargo aboard these planes has to fit in the same compartments as the passengers’ carry-ons. In order to ensure the safety of passengers and flight crew, cargo must also comply with TSA standards. Cargo can be carried by both narrow- and wide-bodied aircraft. What works and what doesn’t come down to personal preference.

3. Air Charter Services

Cargo can be shipped using air charter services as a last resort. They are reserved for truly dire circumstances. A charter jet only needs one passenger on board to take off. If you book an air charter service, your package will be flown straight to its final destination. 

air freight loading

How Does Air Freight Work?

From the time of pickup to the time of delivery, air freight is simple to use. Your logistics provider will coordinate with a nearby carrier to pick up from your storage facility or warehouse, and they will be responsible for making the arrangements. Following the loading of the goods into the aircraft, the transport company will then deliver the package to the airport. 

Your shipping provider will arrange for a pick-up and delivery to take place at the airport serving the ultimate destination. Air freight is an option for delivery if the item is small enough. It is possible to send everything and anything by air, from letters and other modest things to huge military weapons.

Essential Benefits of Transporting Goods Via Air

There are a lot of benefits that come along with using air freight to deliver your product. The following are some of the most prevalent reasons why people use air freight services:

1. Swift Shipping

It should not come as a surprise that a shipment that is transported over air routes would arrive at its destination as swiftly as is practically possible. Because of the rapidity with which it may be delivered in comparison to other modes of transport, air cargo is frequently used to move a diverse range of goods, including those that are either time-sensitive or prone to spoilage.

2. Reliability

Air freight is considered to be one of the most dependable methods of transporting your goods because most planes operate according to a regular schedule with extremely few and rare interruptions.

3. Affordable Insurance Premiums

Since goods can be delivered by air far more swiftly than they can be transported by sea, train, or road, the risk of any incident or accident occurring along the route is significantly reduced. As a consequence of this, there will be a sizable decrease in the total cost of insuring the shipment.

4. Security

Airports of the present era are equipped with a plethora of security checks at every conceivable point, making them among the safest places on the planet. Because of all of the protections that are in place, the chances of a shipment of air cargo being lost or damaged while it is in transit are exceedingly remote.

5. Less Warehousing Requirements

When compared to the capacity of a cargo ship, an airplane’s hold can only hold a fraction of what a ship can hold. Because of the rapidity with which products can be granted permission to be transported, air freight also reaps the benefits of a significantly more streamlined customs clearance process. Because of these considerations, airfreight logistics is easy to manage and can liberate you from the burden of stockpiling, allowing you to better focus on running your business.

6. Multiple Delivery Options

You can pick how quickly you want your shipment to arrive with air shipping because of the several delivery choices available:

1. Domestic delivery options

Same-Day Air/Next Flight Out

Outside of charter services, this is the quickest way to send something by air. Goods can be delivered the day of departure if this option is selected.

Next-Day Air

Sending something urgent through next-day air ensures that it will arrive at its destination before the end of the next business day.

Second-Day Air

Sending freight by second-day air is a reasonable compromise between time and price, and it will arrive on the second business day.

Deferred Air

For less urgent items that can wait until there is space on an airplane, this is the most cost-effective method of transport.

2. Worldwide Shipping Option

Deferred Service

In general, this is the default selection for flights over international borders. Wirth this shipping option deliveries of freight often take between three and five days to reach their final destination.

Express Service

In terms of worldwide shipping speeds, this is your best bet. There will be an increase in cost, but the items will arrive at the airport in question in a matter of days.

Wrapping Up

Air freight is a viable choice when you need to get time-sensitive items from one place to another quickly. Many companies can benefit significantly from this function to join worldwide trade quickly and efficiently. In addition to its other benefits, air cargo is subject to stringent safety measures at its destination, thanks to airport checkpoints. So, if you need Air Freight services to help you send your goods securely, you can contact I-Way logistics because they’re prompt and trustworthy.

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