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Three Most Effective Ways to Winterize Your Supply Chain

Three Most Effective Ways to Winterize Your Supply Chain

Shippers have started looking into ways to ensure their supply networks aren’t hampered further by the cold weather. Given the forecast for a challenging, snowy winter half of the country, shippers may have trouble keeping sensitive products from freezing.  This is why shippers need to “winterize” their supply chains to prevent harm to cargo as temperatures decrease. Many goods, including cereals and water-based adhesives, are more susceptible to damage or spoilage if not stored and transported appropriately during the coldest months of the year. 

Shippers should ensure their chosen transportation provider offers shipment freeze protection in addition to on-time delivery rates, service area, and solutions when making their winterization of the supply chain decision. They need to keep a few things in mind to guarantee the safe arrival of their goods throughout the winter’s chilliest months. If you need to send perishable goods that need to be kept cold, you should find a shipping company that offers reliable freeze protection. In the winter, freeze prevention is essential for both sellers and purchasers to safeguard their profits.

It is also necessary to maintain communication with the chosen carrier throughout the year, not only when refrigerated shipments are transported. The carrier’s reliability can thus be evaluated not just during the winter but throughout the year, and this can assist set reasonable expectations.

There Are Three Imperatives

Freeze-prevention software varies significantly in quality. Having the proper infrastructure, implementing technology, training employees, and holding them accountable are all hallmarks of a carrier with genuine freeze protection capabilities.

  1. Infrastructure

Several shipping businesses utilize thermal blankets when temperatures drop below freezing instead of heating their trucks and storage spaces. In order to prevent shipments from freezing or being damaged due to prolonged storage, logistics companies must regularly reroute cargo.

To ensure that every shipment is safe from the cold, a  logistic company should invest in things like heated trailers, docks, service centers, and warehouses, as well as specialist dock training and temperature-sensitive load planning software. Because of this setup, logistics companies no longer have to restrict shipments or cancel pickups due to severe weather. Transport delays caused by embargoes on some types of cargo might extend over months or even years.

Since winter weather can negatively affect road conditions and equipment, choosing a transportation service that prioritizes safety is crucial. When selecting a supplier, shippers should look for one invested in cutting-edge safety technology, such as snow removal equipment that can be used on-site to securely and efficiently clear trailer roofs of accumulated snow and ice.

  1. Instruction & Responsibility are Required

Consider transparent logistics services about the number of freezable shipments it has handled and the proportion of those shipments that arrived undamaged. When cold weather strikes, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find a carrier whose trailers are heated because most shippers plan to accommodate their usual clientele. Every link in the supply chain benefits from making preparations ahead of time for winter shipping and storage of perishable goods. 

That’s why it’s essential to work with logistics companies investing in simple freeze-protection measures, such as heated trailers, loading docks, warehouses, and service centers, to keep your goods from getting ruined in the cold.

Forward-thinking shippers will also take the time to find a reliable transportation service provider that can meet their needs and deliver on their promises.  Shippers should team up with a transportation company that is well-versed in the winter weather conditions of their location and has the resources to keep perishable goods safe throughout transit, including the necessary infrastructure, equipment, and trained staff.

  1. Technology

Shippers can track their shipments from origin to destination when they work with a carrier that utilizes technology for optimized routing and shipment visibility from the time of pickup to delivery. This gives shippers the peace of mind that their shipment is on the right path and moving without hiccups. It is also essential to have customer-facing technology, such as web portals, in order to receive advanced arrival and delivery notification.

These web portals give customers the ability to communicate directly with the pickup and delivery service’s driver and provide customers with up-to-the-minute shipment tracking information. This eliminates the possibility of delays occurring while transporting your cargo to a safe location.

In a Nutshell


It is best to winterize your supply chain to ensure on-time delivery of items. Accordingly, in this situation, you should go with the supply chain services that adhere to all three of the aforementioned winter-proof supply chain characteristics, namely, determining the supply chain surprise that can deal with every hurdle and still complete its deliveries on time. If you’re in need of first-rate supply chain services, I-Way transport may be the way to go because they employ only the most qualified individuals who can cater to your every need.

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