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How to Determine the Right Shipping Carrier

How to Determine the Right Shipping Carrier

Transportation of cargo during the cold months involves numerous difficulties. Most of them are due to the predicted occurrence of severe weather in several parts of the country. Plus, there’s the fact that everyone needs to go out and buy presents for the holidays. It’s crucial to plan for any delays and prepare your freight for cold weather if you want to have a successful end of the year.

Picking the right shipper can be difficult and has long-term consequences. Your shipping partner will significantly alter the day-to-day running of your business. In light of the stakes involved, it is crucial that you carefully prepare your freight for winter shipping and select the cargo that will enable you to meet your criteria and satisfy your supply chain needs.

To help you choose a carrier, we have compiled a guide that discusses and evaluates numerous key criteria. You’ll be able to prioritize considerations and establish standards for evaluation based on the specific demands of your organization. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Shipping Carrier

1. Considerations of Price, Product, & Delivery

When deciding on a shipping company, costs are a major consideration. When choosing a provider, however, you should also give consideration to the following two factors. Quality and timely delivery should be taken into account alongside cost. As a shipper, it is your responsibility to determine which features are crucial to your company’s success. 

Shipping with the cheapest provider may come at the expense of efficiency and promptness. Keeping these considerations in mind when researching various carriers will help you make a more informed decision. First, you should assess your company’s supply chain requirements. You can use this information to zero in on the ideal service provider.

2. Services Offered

What services does your business require? Which kind of transportation do the carrier’s services encompass? If you need help moving your freight, do you only need to work with one business that can handle your demands, or do you need to work with many shippers? If your company requires more than one service, dealing with many providers will raise both the amount of time you devote and the amount of money you spend. Working with a carrier that can provide your business with various services and fulfill its requirements may prove useful.

3. Reliability

Does the carrier boast high LOS (level of service) percentages? To run smoothly, your business relies on the timely delivery of your freight to multiple locations. Having a carrier you can trust will allow you to grow your business and live up to your customer’s expectations. Think about the consequences of employing a cheaper page that consistently fails to meet your delivery deadlines, resulting in missed inspection windows and delayed shipments. 

While you may have been able to save some cash in the short term by going with a less reputable carrier, you will end up spending more in the long run as a result of things like late or damaged shipments and possibly even the loss of customers. A carrier who is accountable for the load and keeps you updated on the status of your shipment through clear communication is a must.

4. Safety

How do you define safety in the context of shipping? Consider two airlines: One offers cheaper rates but is known to cheat on their logbooks to make it to the destination on time. There is also a higher-than-average rate of accidents at the business. While the other company’s charges are a little more, they boast one of the highest safety ratings.  

For your business needs, which business would you select? Your consumers care about safety as much as you do as a shipper. By choosing a reliable shipper that places a premium on safety, you can improve the popular understanding of your supply chain and ultimately boost sales.  Clients are aware of a company’s safety rating and choose to ship with those who have earned a high score.

5. Sustainability

In providing transportation solutions, does the company prioritize environmental friendliness and sustainability? Is the carrier’s progress in meeting environmental goals quantifiable and evaluable? Your supply chain’s public perception and revenue can benefit from shipping with a company that places a premium on sustainability and ecological consciousness. Customers care about environmental sustainability and are more likely to do business with firms with a good reputation in this area, just as they are with firms with a good reputation in safety.

6. Instability of Carrier

Has this carrier been around for a very long time? Do they have their own vehicles and trailers, and can they guarantee you a safe and secure storage facility? Are their service and pricing competitive with other providers in the market? To ensure the reliability of your company’s transportation needs, it is crucial to work with a carrier with a solid industry reputation. An inexpensive but unreliable shipping company is not worth it in the long run. Your firm may experience problems getting continuous capacity from them, or worse, they may go out of business altogether, requiring you to start the carrier selection process over.

Wrapping Up

Supply chain managers have many important choices, but few are as crucial as selecting the appropriate shipping carrier. The return on investment (ROI) in the company’s supply chain is heavily influenced by the shipping company chosen. If you choose the wrong shipping company, you risk losing time, money, and, most importantly, satisfied clients. The criteria above will aid you in selecting the most suitable shipping company for your company’s needs. All you have to do is pick one that fits your needs. But If you need assistance, then I-Way logistics are always here to help you. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you out.

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